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Always in a hurry, engulfed by problems and vanity, it becomes harder and harder to find the time and the place in order to slow down and get away from the everyday life.

Tamrash – in the heart of the Rhodopes, is one of the few places where one can wipe off tension as if by magic, to slow down the tempo and to give a new meaning to values. One can sink in the virgin nature, to leave behind the city noise and the asphalt, while the only sounds, left for the ear, are those made by the birds and the Tamrash river. This is something one can experience less and less often and in fewer places. It is hard to believe that just 20 km away from the city of Plovdiv there is a place so wild, untouched by human hand.

Nature grabs you with its majestic rocks even before the turnoff for Tamrash. An unexpected canyon meets you, carved by the fast–running mountainous river. From here on, the rocks and the “boiling” river of Tamrash mark the road to a cosy lodge, where you can enjoy the magic meals while listening to the Rhodopes songs and legends by the fire.

During daytime, experienced guides will take you on a trip along the eco-paths. The lovers of horses will take a horse ride. The visitors will be surprised by the varieties of nature, the history, the wild animals and birds they will encounter on their way. Everywhere they will meet mountainous rivers and springs, with mountain trout jumping in the clear waters /fishing is prohibited, while the caterers for the game farm have turned the river and its tributaries officially in a breeding zone – a type of protected area – and each year they plant the river with about ten thousand fish/.

For the more enthusiastic tourists there are organized a whole day crossings on foot or on a horseback and they can spend the night in the newly built shelters. A night, spent in the heart of the wild nature is an adventure worth experiencing!

For the wild animals lovers there are organized watches and it is sure to meet not only deer and does, mouflons, fallow deer and chamois, but even bears and maybe a wolf, as well as numerous bird varieties, some of them very rare – like the black woodpecker and the black stork. To observe the animals in their natural habitat is an experience beyond compare!

A great number of the routes pass along an old Roman road, while the numerous springs are crossed by small bridges, dating from Roman and Turkish time.

5 km away from the luxurious base, the ruins of the old village of Tamrash are situated and it is hard to believe that this hidden far away in the mountain and covered with forest valley was inhabited by 4 – 5 thousand people only hundred years ago. Today, only the legends of what happened once are alive.

The farm is proud of its Haflinger and Arab – Haflinger breed of horses. Exceptionally resilient to hard mountainous conditions, surviving from centuries in the Alps harsh environment, where the breed originates from. The beautiful horses, with white manes and tails, are broken in and accustomed to the terrain. Calm and levelled by character, they are at the visitors’ disposal.

The Tamrash farm keeps as well a breeding herd of dying out autochthonic cow breed – the short-horned Rhodopes cattle. It is proven that this breed is the most ancient in Europe and it is more than 3000 years old. The small in size cows are characterized with an exceptional adaptability and resilience to the harsh mountainous conditions of the Rhodopes and the high butter content of their milk. The visitors are welcome to try the homemade white and yellow cheese.

And at the end - the cuisine...This is something you will certainly remember. All the products are of local origin and a great number of them are produced on the farm. The food tastes in a way already forgotten in our everyday life. Whether it is the Rhodopes meal or a special game dish – one thing is for sure – the experience is unforgettable!

And if one has been in touch with the fascination of Tamrash once – one is enchanted forever and keeps on returning to get lost in the Rgodopes magic, where one is always welcomed.