Bulgaria is among the undoubtedly proven hunting destinations in Europe. The quality of the hunting trophies, the unique natural features and their diversity, the preserved nature and traditions make the lovers of hunting adventures to come back in our country over and over again.   

The Tamrash game farm is situated in one of those places in Bulgaria, which once you have been there, you cannot but visit again. The quality of the hunting experience amidst the virgin nature, the professionalism of the team, the cosiness and the attitude and, of course, the good cuisine is there to remind you how much you love hunting!

It is situated in the central part of the Rhodopes, with hunting area of 10 000 hectares.  The height above the sea level starts from 750 m. /Momin bridge on Tamrask river/ and reaches 1993 m. /Modar peak/.
The tranquillity and the virgin nature preserve the natural habitat of the brown bear, the red deer, the wild boar, the capercailzie, the chamois and the roe deer.

The abundance of the hunting fauna is represented as well by the fallow deer, the mouflon, the wolf, the fox and the hare.
For the hunters there are comfortable and picturesque hunting hides, stone hunting shelters, with hunting paths and routes, combining the pleasure from the different types of hunting with the solitude of the wild nature.

Tamrash game farm is constructed with private investments in the mountainous part and the region with the same name as the Chekerica state game farm. It borders the Vacha and Krichim damps to the west and Lilkovska river to the east.

As a whole, the game farm includes three mutually complimenting one another hunting sectors – parts from the previous Trakiya game farm. At present, they are an example for the successful development of a project with public and private partnership in the field of the hunting and alternative tourism and the natural environment preservation.

The flat part of Chekerica game farm is situated in the field of Plovdiv – Chekerica hunting region – northeast from the lower stream of Stryama river, 15 km away from the City of Plovdiv and Vinitza Gradina hunting region, covering parts from both banks of the Maritza river. The hunting fields of Chekerica and Vinitza Gradina comprise about 5000 hectares. The height above the sea level varies from 100 m to 250 m.

The hunting possibilities in Tamrash, Chekerica and Vinitza Gradina include red deer, capercailzie, wild boar, deer, mouflon, partridge, pheasant, hare, fallow deer, as well as all the migrating hunting species.
This diverse with its landscape, different heights above the sea level and variety of species area of more than 15000 hectares, gives the unique possibility for all the year round hunting in Bulgaria, as well as to combine big and small game within a hunting day with fundamentally different natural and meteorological conditions.

The possibilities for accommodation are: 
Hunting residence "Tamrash" has four studios in bungalow "De Luxe" with terrace, a studio with a Jacuzzi and four cozy rooms, situated on two mountainous rivers. It offers a unique experience in the heart of the mountainous part of the farm.   
In Tamrash game farm there is also a horse stable for the breeding of the adapted to the high mountainous areas breeds of horses – Haflinger and Arab - Haflinger, providing the possibility for riding and the organization of unique due to its additional emotions hunting outings, as well as for alternative and ecotourism.

At the heart of Tamrash, where the remains of the ancient village are, is established and maintained a small farm, which breeds and keeps a herd of the oldest autochthonic cow breeds in Europe – the short-horned Rhodopes cattle. The genes of this breed are proven to exist for more than three thousand years. Its main characteristics are the adaptability to most extreme conditions and the high butter content of the milk.

Tamrash is proud of its excellent national cuisine, its Rhodopes special meals, as well as its game culinary temptations from the European cuisine – all of them prepared with carefully selected ecologically clean regional products.